As market prices change frequently and quickly, we do not have a specific pricelist listing all the items we sell. Please contact your Cut Flower salesperson for any specific needs you might have. If you don’t have an account setup yet, feel free to apply for an account here: Please note the details on this page. Once we have received your application we will review it and contact you once your account has been accepted.
We do ship, but only to regular customers.

If you have a one-time flower need, we would recommend you contacting a local vendor. If your local vendor cannot assist you with certain items (for instance: Café Au Lait Dahlias or David Austin roses) unfortunately we probably won’t be able to help you either.

Yes, for new customers with non-weekly floral needs and customers outside of Atlanta where shipping would be involved, a $250 minimum purchase is required (plus shipping expenses and taxes where applicable).

With certain products, we also have minimum purchases. For instance, to special order Poms, we have a 5-bunch minimum. With Roses, we have a 4-bunch minimum for custom orders.

There are no minimums when products from our main display cooler are purchased.

Our Atlanta warehouse is open from 7am-4pm Monday- Friday; and 7am-noon on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.
For our warehouse in Atlanta we are always looking for fun, energetic people!

We even have a crew that comes in on Sundays to process flowers. This is a great way to get involved, and to see if you like our business, and to make some extra cash.

If you live in Atlanta and you have experience in wholesale sales, please send an email to

If you have experience in wholesale floral sales in Atlanta, have an enthusiastic personality, like working with people and are interested in flowers and the floral industry, please send your information to:

Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc.
c/o Mr. Rene Streng
2122 Faulkner Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Yes, we do deliver to regular customers in the Atlanta metropolitan area. If you don’t have regular floral needs but you meet our overall criteria, we always invite you to come visit our Atlanta warehouse.

Minimums and delivery fees apply, please check with your salesperson for details.

There are many items that we do ship but only at risk of the customer, since these products in question are so delicate.
Flowers are definitely our specialty, but we also carry a full line of floral supplies, such as paint, vases, accessories, candles, foam, ribbon and many other things.
We have been in business since 1987, and at our current location in the midtown area since 1993. Cut Flower Wholesale is the Atlanta-based premier fresh-flower wholesaler importing the finest florals from around the world. We are passionate about flowers, and we will not be happy until you are!
Most definitely! Besides specials on current inventory, we also offer specials on future products. For instance, we carry a South American presale filled with Roses and Hydrangeas. We have a California presale with Snaps, Lilies and Stock. We import Orchids from Thailand, we offer a special plant presale, we have a monthly hardgoods flyer, our Holland presale is next to none…just to name a few! The sky is the limit at Cut Flower Wholesale!
Our Flower Gallery is second to none, but we really cannot recommend specific varieties, since “nice” is often a matter of perception and personal preference. Our overall recommendation: before committing to a certain variety we highly recommend trying it out first, and not making your final selection based on a picture only.
We are a Wholesale Florist in Atlanta, Georgia and as such we typically sell B2B, however there might be circumstances where we might be able to help you. Please contact Jessica Weems at 404-320-1619 ext 106 to see how we can help you.
In general, we recommend you checking with your vendor.
We also created a special section on our website ( where we share some great Care & Handling instructions.
We typically sell B2B, but please contact Jessica Weems at 404-320-1619 ext 106 to see how we can help you.
As we are a Wholesale Florist, we only sell the raw material and we do not sell flower arrangements. If you need a referral for a local florist, please send us an email ( and we will reply to you with some local contact information.
We are passionate about our growers and we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email to and please include all your products, pricing, background, referral information, etc.
Please consult our Flower Gallery for the latest availability information. It is never guaranteed, as production around the world changes constantly, but it will give you a good idea. We do our best to keep the Flower Gallery updated, but there are times that the actual information might differ from the information on our website.
In order to protect the integrity of the flower business for our customers, we do not allow anonymous checkout and nobody can create an account on our website.

As this area is brand new to us, we are currently experimenting with it to determine which products we need to offer.
New customers can fill out a new customer application here:

Established Cut Flower Wholesale customers need to obtain a user login, please apply for it here: and we will contact you with login information once we created it for you. This should typically not take more than 24 hours.

No, we don’t. When in season, we only sell it by the bunch to our local customers in the Atlanta area.
Yes, we do! In fact we have been selling David Austin products since 2013! And besides David Austin we carry about 500 other Rose and Spray Rose varieties that might have a more advantageous price point with better availability. Please consult with your Cut Flower salesperson about current availability.
Yes, we do! New and existing customers, when they fill out the paperwork on our website, have the ability to opt-in to our weekly newsletters, presale flyers, etc. When your account is established, we determine which distribution list to include you on. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the automated Mailchimp email, which might likely end up in your Spam or Junk folder. Please click on that confirmation link to finalize the application.
Our warehouse is located at the following address: 2122 Faulkner Rd NE – Atlanta, GA 30324.

Here is a link to our Atlanta warehouse on Google Maps.

Cash, all major credit cards and Telecheck approved personal check are accepted. Business checks are also accepted. All checks are subject to returned check fees of $30 or 5%, whichever is greater.
Until your business license and GA sales tax exemption certificate has been received, this account is subject to 8.9% City of Atlanta/Fulton County Sales Tax. Until the business license has been received, orders cannot be placed (unless prepaid) and all sales are final. Until your business license has been received, pick-up at Cut Flower Wholesale only.
Yes, in fact that is our specialty! For new customers, we may need payment up front prior to accepting the order, but we are here to serve you! Please check with your salesperson when you place your order.
In general, we recommend a 2 week window prior to the event. That allows our growers adequate time to harvest the product and ship it to us. Late orders can most likely still be sourced, but if overnight transportation methods need to be used, we may need to offset these additional expenses to our customers.
We stand by our products and we allow a 24 hour window for credits. In general, we are not happy until you are. Please return any merchandise that doesn’t live up to your quality standards and we will gladly credit what is returned. Naturally, we can also work with you to exchange merchandise to ensure your event continues successfully.
Yes, in fact we have some work-space available for free for incidental use! All we require is that you purchase the products you are using for your event from us. Please communicate the desired date with your salesperson when you place your order, so they can put you on a special calendar we maintain to ensure our space is not double-booked.