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A worldwide network of elite growing partners has been carefully developed so Cut Flower Wholesale can supply the finest selection of flowers at competitive prices. It is our continuous mission to organize and manage these resources and provide our customers with the greatest service and value. We strive to provide reliability, consistency and high quality in the selection we offer to you. Whether you are a retail flower shop, an interior decorator, a wedding designer, an event specialist or a supermarket, Cut Flower Wholesale has what it takes to meet your needs.

Quality control personnel have been carefully trained by Cut Flower Wholesale with one thing in mind: supplying our customers with top quality products, packing and varieties.

Need competitive pricing and faster service? Buy straight from our farms and these flowers will get delivered directly to our warehouse, via refrigerated trucking. From our warehouse,we will find methods of transporation to ship them directly to you, or you can pick them up from our warehouse. You can even order special mixes, exactly the way you want them! Why buy from some flower broker hoping your box will include colors you can use? Cut Flower Wholesale can supply you with guaranteed fresh flowers directly from the farm with a mix of colors you know you can use!

Cut Flower Wholesale has priority access to a variety of sources, providing you with a wide selection of the freshest flowers available from anywhere in the world. By avoiding all the middlemen and always using the most reliable method of transportation, freshness and value can be found every day at Cut Flower Wholesale. 0ur team of floral experts will assist you in finding that special flower or color.

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